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Push Fight

The best 2 player board game now available on your mobile device!

The Ultimate Competition Board Game!

Our first release is Push Fight, the worlds greatest board game! We at Chaotic Neutral Studios have been a huge fan of Push Fight for years and we're thrilled it's our first release!

The Grand Master!

A unique aspect of this game is that a player can practice alone (solitaire). Playing by yourself is a great way to learn. Just make your best move each time as you control both teams. Push Fight® is also a great tournament game. You can start training now for big tournaments in the future. You can expect a timer to be used which will make the games even more intense. Although Push Fight® is just now being sold to the public, it's actually older than Bubba®. The creator (Bubbamaker) has been playing it with family and friends for almost 20 years.

Watch a video from the creator of Push Fight explain how the game is played. If you are worthy, he might even challenge you to a game!

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