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Chaotic Neutral Studios was founded in 2010 by 3 friends that shared a passion for games. Our first mobile game to be available to the public is Push Fight. A board game we all enjoy very much and we're sure you will all enjoy as well. We're very excited to release such a great game to the public and give you all the ability to play Push Fight anytime & anywhere using your mobile device.

We have more games in the works so please check back often! We appreciate your support!

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A unique aspect of this game is that a player can practice alone (solitaire). Playing by yourself is a great way to learn. Just make your best move each time as you control both teams. Push Fight® is also a great tournament game. You can start training now for big tournaments in the future. You can expect a timer to be used which will make the games even more intense. Although Push Fight® is just now being sold to the public, it's actually older than Bubba®. The creator (Bubbamaker) has been playing it with family and friends for almost 20 years.

Watch a video from the creator of Push Fight explain how the game is played. If you are worthy, he might even challenge you to a game!


Push Fight® is a game of skill and surprise. Two players battle on a game board as the white team plays the brown team. The goal is for a player to push ONE of their opponent's game pieces off the board at either end. One player controls the white team and the other player controls the brown team. Each team has 5 game pieces: 3 square (top) pieces and 2 round (top) pieces. All 5 pieces can move around the board by traveling on empty spaces (an empty space is one that doesn't have a game piece on it). In addition to moving, the square pieces have the power to PUSH one or more pieces one space.

The player with the white team chooses one side of the thick center line and positions the white pieces on that side of the line. Most players will put 4 pieces at the center line, but you don't have to do that. Next, the player with the brown team positions the brown pieces on the other side of the center line.


Players take turns moving their pieces into position for an attack, then using one of their square pieces to push one space. You can push pieces to a new space, or you can push one of them off the board to win the game. Move or push forward, backward or sideways (in either direction). NO DIAGONAL MOVES OR PUSHES ARE ALLOWED. A move can travel several spaces. A push is only one space.


Players take turns with the white team going first. One turn consists of 2 MOVES (maximum), then A PUSH. 1) 2 MOVES: You can start your turn by positioning 2 of your pieces. Just move them on empty spaces. Move one piece (round or square) and leave it. Then, move a second piece (round or square) and leave it. Travel as far as you want on empty spaces as long as the spaces are connected (have sides that touch). Move all over the board if you like. You can move 1 or 2 pieces, or you can decide to not move any pieces during your turn. 2) A PUSH: Now use one of your square pieces to push ONE space. You MUST push one or more pieces with a square piece to complete your turn. You can push white and/or brown pieces in any direction (except diagonally). If several pieces are lined up in the direction you are pushing, and there are no empty spaces between them, you can push them all one space. Round pieces cannot push.

Note: Be sure each piece is somewhat centered on its new space after a push.

AFTER YOU PUSH, put the red ANCHOR game piece on the square piece that did the pushing. The anchored piece can't be pushed during your opponent's next turn. It is the only piece he or she can't push. If it's in a line of pieces, none of them can be pushed if it means pushing the anchored piece. Once the anchor is put on another game piece, the piece that was anchored can be pushed again. PLAYERS SHARE ONE ANCHOR.


Trap your opponent so you can push one of their pieces off the board at either end. When one piece is off the board, the game is over. There are a lot of places at each end of the board where you can push them off. You can also win if your opponent surrenders because he or she is trapped and can't get out.


Players can change colors after each game (or keep the same color and take turns going first). Note: If you have trouble remembering which team is yours, have the player controlling the white team sit on the same side of the board that has the Push Fight® logo. You cannot push or move a piece on or over a side railing. Stay off those side rails! You cannot jump over game pieces. Position your pieces to leave yourself a push or you lose. You MUST push to complete your turn. If you and your opponent get stuck for any reason, you can agree to call the game a draw. A draw is very rare.

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